Escort Services- An International Perspective

15 June, 2022 Mathew Malcohm

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It is known that the escort services are regularly increasing day by day. There are many critical issues and challenges surrounding the escort services provision that females feel. Many escort agencies operate within a legal framework by offering companionship or more accepted services such as massages. The nature of those activities creates such an environment around what sexual services are provided.

Assumptions and exclusions

It will focus on the provision of female SD escorts services offered directly to the customers or through an agency-male escort provision are not yet reviewed. More international approaches will exist to recognize different sexual services in a much broader way. However, legal sexual services do not translate into the social and cultural acceptance of the clients.

The demand for escort services will get legal by the end of 2017, in a survey conducted, namely (Matthews) in the year 2007. Without the sexual element, one cannot consider the perspective of shaping the actions and decisions of women acting as escorts and giving their services to needy customers.

The empowerment case

The woman who chooses to give escort services gets away from her family. Such empowerment arguments assumed that a woman is concerned about establishing the business venture of this work. Women have exercised free will, and she has the choice of deciding it. Even though there is no such coercion that working as an escort is the only option available to the women, such problems as economic/social deprivation or unstable family backgrounds arise.

Consequently, any empowerment must clear the foundations of informed choices. Even such factors are not an issue, but the social and cultural stigma of escort services can limit their truly empowered extent.

The social perspective

Many women are facing severe issues in terms of social reasons. Society criticized them for working as escorts and offering essential services to their communities, supporting clients even during period’s disruption and turbulence without entering into an emotional relationship with the clients. Engaging vulnerable clients does not offer any support to women other than sexual abuse.

There is also a stiff competition which favours those women to give their best to meet the clients' needs. Legislative and social constraints have limited the effectiveness, which is often engaged with the escorted services. Female workers are genuinely empowered, and then social benefits can accrue. For example, the involvement of the working hours and income level allows them to retain both employed and effective.

Political issues

National and regional cultures shape political attitudes surrounding the San Diego escorts. Consequently, many women working as escorts, whether employed or self-employed, refused to raise their voices due to political intervention. This again calls into the concept of empowerment and difficulty for the women o raise their voices against such harassment.


Economic theory indicates that women will also keep providing these escort services in the future. With the advancement in technology, it has become easier for customers to take advantage of the escort services by sitting at their home or anywhere in a private place.